The Infinity Series from General Trade Corporation

What is The Infinity Series?

 A Unique Fuel Stock Blending System that: 

  • Segregates & stages coal fuel stocks
  • Blends diverse fuel stocks accurately and consistently
  • Maintains integrity of the blend
  • Provides blending options based on input from online analyzers or by TPH (Tons Per Hour)
  • Spontaneously adjusts blend parameters to accommodate varying plant demand requirements
  • Is scalable for unlimited throughput
  • Incorporates environmental controls
  • Is driven by a proprietary software program that facilitates the continuous operation of all aspects of receiving, blending and delivery of fuel stock to an end user
  • Can reduce overall fuel costs significantly

Who Needs The Infinity Series Fuel Stock Blending System 

  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Coal blending operations
  • Port operations
  • Transfer stations
  • Mining sites
  • Terminals & Trans-loading Facilities